Swine & Stein Brewfest in Gardiner, Maine

Urban Farm Fermentory

Urban Farm Fermentory

Portland, ME

Experience the culture!

Urban Farm Fermentory® is a fermented beverage producer and community engagement hub located in Portland, Maine. It is here that we craft authentic kombucha, cider, beer, gruits, mead, and jun using local and foraged seasonal ingredients, when available.

Look for their tent in the beer garden where they will be pouring samples of their alcoholic products. Try samples of their Jun products in the designated driver tent.

Jun (or Xun) is sparkling probiotic green tea that is made with a bacterial culture similar to kombucha, and has a preference for honey. This light summertime beverage carries subtle herbal and floral notes, and is the perfect drink for a hot day! Unlike our Kombucha’s, our Jun’s are not sold as alcoholic beverages as they are below the legal limit of .5% ABV


Visit their Portland Tasting Room and Camp Kittery locations to enjoy seasonal offerings and experience the culture!

Locations: 200 Anderson Street | Portland, ME, 04101  and 165 State Road, Kittery, ME

LEARN MORE AT: https://www.fermentory.com/