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Rusty Bus Brewing Company


Rusty Bus Brewing Company

Lewiston, ME

Our mission is to provide high quality hand-crafted beer made from locally sourced ingredients.

We have been home brewing for over 6 years. Our love for it started when our kids bought us a home-brew kit with extract brewing and quickly progressed not to long after to partial mash, all grain brewing.

Brewing turned into one of our favorite hobbies. We loved traveling too many breweries throughout New England meeting others who had the same passion as we did. With that being said we knew we wanted to open our own brewery/taproom to share with other craft beer lovers.

Along one of our craft beer tours we came across an old rusty bus sitting in the woods, this is where our name comes from although we didn’t want to base it on a school bus so we opted for a VW bus.  We are turning our passion and love of craft beer into a reality by opening Rusty Bus Brewing in downtown Lewiston. We are excited to be part of the downtown community!

LEARN MORE AT: rustybusbrewing.com

LOCATION: 120 Lisbon St. Lewiston, ME 04250