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Penobscot Bay Brewery


Penobscot Bay Brewery

Winterport, ME

Microbrewery & Winery located in Winterport, Maine

The magical elixir. Along with the invention of bread, many credit beer with our ability to develop technology and build civilizations. Yes, beer made us who we are today. Which is why, in an effort to continuously improve humankind, we offer a wide range of old favorites and new brews. Check them out. And raise your glass to a better planet!

Once the major transportation channel to Bangor (the one-time “lumber capital of the world”) as well as the traditional homeland of the Penobscot Indian Nation, today Penobscot Bay is known primarily for lobstering, commercial fishing and of course, as the home of Penobscot Bay Brewery. Founded in 2009, our on-site brewing facility specializes in small batch, hand crafted brews. There’s a beer for every palate, so take a look below and find your favorite!

LEARN MORE AT: thepenobscotbaybrewery.com

LOCATION: 279 South Main St. Winterport, ME 04496